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Fast and random temporary phenomena

January 2, 2018

There are phenomena that affect transportation, logistics, economy in general, but that takes less than the time it takes to be detected. So it is necessary to develop adequate systems for observing the socio-economic environment, the market, crises and, in particular, the shocks related to them. These can serve to substantiate a performance policy in operating systems management. These phenomena and processes could be compared with temporary bridges made by a wave that overturns. It results in temporary, unstable connections that quickly disappear before being used. However, a surfing practitioner uses it because it sees earlier the opportunity. It is a distinction between the static universe of the system (which there is) and the dynamic one (which becomes) and which is accompanied by many singularities like those of wormhole type. Especially in emerging countries where there are many instabilities and phenomena that appear and disappear very fast. These situational patterns are suitable for surfing type management rather than rodeo type, because unstable situations occur randomly. At an advanced level of approach, these situations could be challenged and created intentionally, possibly even black holes to the high profit areas; there should be a fundamental research to define these areas, how to reach them, the establishment of appropiate models, etc.


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