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Company revival can be done by those who are good

December 2, 2017

People’s attitude and behavior, their reactions to the reality of the theo-system’s functioning, must be grounded and guided according to the nine happiness (Matthew 5.3-11). Mutatis mutandis, in relation to the second happiness, in which the one who feels himself a sinner weeps, that is, repents, can be taken as an example, as a reference, in his attitude towards the degraded functioning of the system. In order for the mistakes made to be forgiven, their formal recognition is not useful (Deut. 1.45). Repentance must be equivalent to a broken heart, be real, otherwise it is of no use, and it is even an affront to the One to whom forgiveness is required. First, a proper assessment (audit, etc.) must be made to be aware of in order to develop, on this basis, measures to restore the functioning of the system. Complaint of degraded status is only a preliminary step in system rehabilitation. But further, the rehabilitation of the system cannot be done by the wicked, but by those who are good (Luke 6.43-45). That is, the state-owned company, on the brink of insolvency, cannot be redressed by those who brought it into this difficult situation (Board and General Assembly of Shareholders dominated by state representatives), but by other managers resulting especially from future privatization.


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