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Planning as a system training process

November 19, 2017

Planning, considered rather a mediating process than intervention (S. Leleur), could be translated into practice by training the system modeled by the neural network. The decision-maker considers certain processes, phenomena and events to be more deterministic or more non-deterministic, random, depending on his ability to control them. Depending on this, he can do pro-active planning (the graph of a public transport line, for example) or mediating planning (transport policy, market transition, European integration, etc.). The planner acts on the deterministic processes by pro-active methods, and on the random ones through mediating methods, i.e. by training the system to reach the targets. Deterministic planning is specific to centralized economy, and mediating, negotiation, facilitation, intermediation, training are specific to market-oriented economy (especially in nonlinear transient periods). In order to achieve sustainable development or sustainable mobility, neural network training and especially self-training is more useful because it gives the adaptive character of system planning and behavior.


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