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You look at, but recognize?

July 14, 2017

Human beings can look at each other, but that doesn’t mean they know each other. There is a distinction between what is seen and what is found after a process of knowing that individuals (‘you are not what I thought you were’). In order to know and recognize each other, in addition to the provision of compatible sensors in the respective connection, there must be a knowledge harmonization between the respective individuals. These are also criteria for grouping individuals into equivalence classes, clusters, categories or groups. I mean, ‘who are similar, gathers.’ An incurable thief cannot know a diligent and honest farmer, but just consider him like a target from which he can steal something. Thieves are solidarizing quickly, as well as honest people. Everyone feels good in the company of others of own kind. This explains the social polarization, the migration of specialists, the poor quality of politicians, the failure of political regimes that proclaim the equality of individuals, etc. A cowboy cannot analyze the work of a mathematician to know him. The mathematician, to be understood in the inferior level, by the cowboy, he must present a simplified version of his work. That is, to give up part of the quality of his opus. On this basis, the cowboy is informed, but he must not take the right to judge the mathematician. It is also wrong to appoint a lower leader over a top-level community. A stupid person but having political support, as manager of a research center will surely enter the bankruptcy. The healthy natural tendency is for individuals to evolve, refine, and aspire to accepting them in increasingly elevated categories. The absolute mark of the evolution of the individual is of a religious nature. If we exemplify referring to Christianity, people have to follow a process similar to the ‘perfecting of the saints’, by which they are getting closer to Christ, which can only be achieved in this world. In this process, men continue to be different until the process is over, that is, until men reach the unity of the faith and knowledge of the Son of God (1 Cor 12.13). His acknowledgment as Lord will be possible when they will be able to see Him as He is (1 John 3.2). This is only possible for those who are pure in heart (Matthew 5.8), which is the highest level of evolution.


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