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Pareidolia in behavioral archetypes

April 10, 2017

Pareidolia is a phenomenon defined as an illusion or misinterpretation. It consists in perception of a psychological inertia used as a benchmark to cover the missing elements by interpolation of external stimuli as being significant and interpreting them as familiar known objects. The perceived stimuli are often random and obscure, but they are perceived as clear and precise. Its etymology comes from the Greek para meaning besides, with, alongside, and eidolon, nickname from eidos, which means image. It is a side effect of human brain generated as a need to recognize with high speed some common objects like human faces. It is a kind of instinct, as shown somewhat the images foreshadowed. The same error could it happens in a system with artificial intelligence which, in the absence of complete information, can achieve interpolation on existing ones, resulting a configuration comparable only with experience to date. This may be different from reality. Pareidolia distort the behavior of both the people and of the organizations and institutions that are actually structures animated by people. The effects can be seen from the insignificant events, reaching the complexes events with respective consequences. For example, an explosion during welding work in the engine room of a ship under repair, a TV reporter which transmitted onsite, presented the accident as being a result of carelessness use of gas cylinders in the kitchen. In his mind could not be otherwise. Worse is when the confusion occurs on a large scale, between which means policy and strategy, between strategy and project, between the authority and administration, between the concepts of transport, confusion between European regulations and those found nationally, they the latter adopted sometimes only by mimicry. Often civil servants consider citizens as ‘slaves’, their will remaining according to the old archetype, forgetting that the public servant, by definition, serve the citizens. On the other hand, a ready mind can recognize or detect on organizational or behavioral configuration, another scheme, innovative, which could be better. Pareidolia may be useful in identifying potential standard configurations in a first approximation, followed by their compulsory analysis.


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