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A young man has a wave function attached, which collapses when he becomes aged

March 14, 2017

A young man is a quantum system. His condition can be known with a certain probability expressed by a wave function depending on many variables. He still has not chosen life path from the many variants that exist, its value system is not well defined, the objectives to be achieved in the short and long term are not clear. He still searching an area in which to excel. His personality is not well defined. He has many questions, is always dissatisfied, emotionally unstable. Even his health is unpredictable. In time, one of these variables for instance, known as measurable, collapses, meaning become constant and defines respective criteria of the individual, thus decreasing indeterminacy of his state. As time passes, more and more variables become constants. Finally, when man is mature, his wave function has collapsed. Only now man may be known because is well defined and has predictable behavior. This quantum approach is useful in human resource management in dynamic perspective to achieve optimal results for all stakeholders: employers, employees, society etc.


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