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Blind spot

December 21, 2016

The concept of blind spot can be used to define a category that contains neglect of some factors, omissions, fixed ideas, wedged in the project, routine, resistance to change, lack of creativity in general, managers surprised by the evolution of realities (in while managers does not see them because they placed or have been placed in the blind spot, the events follow each other too quickly, events about which managers are not informed in a timely manner or not know how to interpret indicators received and react appropriately). Blind spot has high entropy and reduced information, that is a result of ignorance on a particular phenomenon, system or process at a specific time. It follows that it can be reduced by reducing entropy (transforming it into information), that is, by increasing the knowledge, training, networking, organizational and managerial restructuring (BPR – Business Process Reengineering), ITC etc. Treating blind spot has as consequences introducing of new marketing solutions, policies and strategies of individuals and authorities, encouraging intermodal transport, developing and promoting sustainable mobility, and even education of market demand.


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