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Right time to restructure

December 12, 2016

The restructure a system should not be performed during growth, but after reaching its maturity. Otherwise there is a risk to be scrapped assets potentially effective but which have not yet been used appropriately and a loss of staff that is not yet specialized and integrated into internal logistics flows or never had the opportunity to show what he’s capable. That means, the system must be in a state where, what is called the zone of proximal development (the distance between the actual development level and the maximum level of potential development that could achieve under assistance or in collaboration in network) is minimal. Restructuring a system must be carried out when the system is after maturity, on the level of stagnation, that is when we can identify what is bad and what is good; that means what is bad does not compromise the separation of what is good (Matthew 13.28-30). That is why public institutions do not achieve expected performance when they many restructurings are often meaningless, are politically dominated, subordinated to interest groups or are based on other arbitrary criteria.


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