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When the victim loves his torturer

November 24, 2016

Travelling the other day by train, I heard a passenger revolting that millions of citizens voted in the last quarter century the same political parties and the same politicians who are guilty for his miserable existence (industrial plants and forests razed to the ground, agriculture destroyed, arable land and underground resources alienated, irrigation system destroyed, degradation of health and education systems, the cream of society expelled from the country, theft became a virtue etc.). He confessed to other passengers the disastrous consequences of this situation which reflected on his and his family being overwhelmed by hatred against politicians. Seeing as it was on, I spoke to him, advising him not to do it yourself justice and revealing the solution adopted by a friend whom I knew as myself. This one, although it was also one of those who suffered from causes quite similar (politicians who had stopped his career in research when it was booming, fools and idiots who won before him because they had political support, paid at minimum wage with consequences for calculating the pension etc.) preferred a strategy that has given and continues to give results, letting the guilty to account supreme judgement: ‘Lord, thou hast seen my wrong; judge thou my cause'(Lam. 3.59). Related to the angry bewilderment of the passenger on voter loyalty for parties and politicians, I said that it may be similar to that bond of sympathy between the victim and the abuser, which is formed between victim and torturer. A particular case is the ‘Stockholm syndrome’ which psychologists describe as a strange bond that forms between kidnapper and victim, abducted or captive. Captive persons begin to identify with the kidnappers for the need to have a defensive mechanism. In other words, voters are captive persons and attached to the traditional politicians, risking to fall in love for them. Only, attention, long illness is certain death.


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