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To separate the port administration and authority on the extended port influence area

January 7, 2016

The meaning of port has evolved from the simple transshipment point to the node of logistics network that include it. There is still a need to address widening the concept of port in a broader context of its area of influence, on the water and in the air and land areas. In other words, it should be considered as port logistics area, which includes the port, the markets related to it, the companies involved, organizations, administrations and authorities, the hinterland, industrial areas, waterways, operators, trade organizations, shipping companies, ship management companies, agents, etc.

In most ports the both concepts of authority and administration are not currently used separately, the two words defining a single institution which fulfills both functions. A name or the other is preferred mainly in certain geographic areas, which are sometimes different tasks addressed. So it should analyze the separation of this two functions and then assigned each of them to different organizations, which would generate advantages, such as: the authority may avoid potential conflicts of interest, including with port administration; port administration would work according to a company profile better focused on its core activities; would achieve decentralization of administration of ports, each port having its own administration; authority could be a catalyst in advancing the reform, port privatization and commercialization of activities; port authority may have a complex content extended also beyond the territory of a port, on its logistics area, with goals related to political and territorial strategies in multimodal transport, competition and cooperation of enterprises and organizations existing there etc. This proposal is timely because the activities that are going on port complex, beyond the port territory and far on enlarged port logistics area, are territorial, institutional and virtual multilevel networks that drives many other entities involving relationships, strategies and policies that a simple administration can’t manage.

1Cuncev I. (2015) Innovative management of port competitiveness, ASTR Days, Galatzi (excerpt)

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