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Sin of conqueror

August 8, 2015

First, a rhetorical question for fatalists which could be a basis for a theory of fatality (note, possible emotional impact): if all quality persons are already taken, then why you are looking for? For the others, who consider themselves conquerors, let’s start from fundamental concepts of humanity. God could instantly obtain people’s love, for example by a suggestion, having the necessary power for that. However He didn’t do it. He introduced the concept of free will, gave to the man a chance of free choice. Somebody else fights to buy the man’s soul tempting him with various pleasures that cancels his free will. The man, in turn, who was created in God’s image and likeness (Gen 1.26), must obtain someone’s love or friendship in the same way, through free will. To this end, he just needs to let the respective person to know the truth about himself, without showing a false fairy image in a campaign of conquest or to convince. In turn, has the right to know the truth about the respective person. A man who is trying to conquer a woman’s love using different methods like enrapturing financial behavior, giving gifts (‘mirrors and beads’), offering fun, sweet words and other similar temptations in order to wring consent from her, he is sinning. Similar is sinning woman when using different tricks and persuasive methods to conquer a man. In other words, the conquest is a sin and the conqueror is a sinner. It means that for human beings, to know each other is more important than conquering. Approaching themselves, through free will, might not be a prerequisite for love (friendship etc.) which goes beyond the grave?

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