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Downward causation

June 22, 2015

(A plea for personal example)

It is downward causation to be used as a tool to insert order downward in a certain environment, in a system, in a network. It is implementing a certain decision, meaning that the system is geared towards objectives which are considered to be a normal trend. In fact, the causal information is inserted downward into the system, in decreasing of its entropy, reducing uncertainty of its state. Downward causation can be a foundation for what is called top-down policy when acting causally from higher level on lower level: mind influence the functioning of the body, mother’s words affects the child’s condition, the company’s brand influences the individual brand, the firm must promote a tendency towards innovation and quality relations with the employees etc. We could refer to the divine origin of downward causation: ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness,’ (Gen 1.26). Together with its pair, upward causation (which could be a foundation for what is called bottom-up policy), both of them could describe a perpetual process of creation in the environment, an environment of any kind, resulting a long-term evolution controlled by certain spiritual values. For example, young people get expertise from the target models represented by their mentors.

Downward causation is the way to promote strategies, policies and decisions that determine the evolution of society. That is why the image of the society (economy, education, health, morality, attitude towards its history, culture and aspirations of young people and many other values) in a certain time is not a random image, but a real one. In this regard, examples of stupid political fights visible in the media, is grim for citizens, especially for young people. Politicians who debate puerile subjects in front of millions of TV viewers, but they become mutes on the really important issues that concern the future of the country, economy, youth, culture, science and agriculture, politicians who have no vision, not knowing even essential milestones in the history of the country, are illiterate, politicians who are said in the media that allowed the robbery of national resources and of the economy, many of them being involved in the criminal world, this politicians are in charge to build policies and national strategies by downward causation. The consequences of possible reversals and failures of the moral values are inevitable. For example, promoting the so-called VIPs in media have long-term toxic effects on society: children dreams of becoming an entertainer, escorts, milliners, hair stylists, prostitutes, belly dancer, gigolo, bartenders, pimps, beggars, punks, money lenders, TV weather presenter etc. Rarely hear kids who aspire to become famous as physicians, engineers, mathematicians, economists, scientists, diplomats, artists, astronauts, teachers, builders, farmers etc. This reflects the structure and functioning of society, the values promoted by downward causation acting like a reference examples to follow on societal scale, which puts a great responsibility on the shoulders of politicians. This is a new confirmation of what the grandfather used to say: the hardest profession is to be politician. So the politicians should be the smartest, right?


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  1. Politicians’ shoulders are for to carry bags of money

  2. Unfortunable, some of them …

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