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Theo-System between Creation and Evolution

December 2, 2014

The concepts of theo-system generally, theo-logistics in particular, can resist if are founded on concepts which are immutable over time. Some results arise from debates on theories about creation and evolution. Theo-system is based on the idea that everything, all things were created and maintained, and retained by the Logos of God (Col 1:17), which, through which and for which they were created (Rom 11.36). He keeps everything and He is in all. All things were created, and now are preserved. What we are tempted to believe that something new is created, a refrigerator, for example, is just changing the shape and position of things already created. One can say that when the universe was created, and a transformation algorithm was created. So what now seems continuous creation is actually transformation. A particular case of transformation is the evolution, ie has the direction and meaning. A visionary may comprise what is infinitely incomprehensible to others. For example, living within a straight segment, the visionary sees that this is a finite space, but for someone who does not have the ability to understand the space as a whole, the segment is an area with infinity number of points. Evolution is just a noticeable transformation in a finite sequence of time ∆t in the framework of the creative process. An insect that, during a finite interval of time ∆t, looked to a heap of clay how was transformed on the table into a bowl would say that arose through evolution and the result was not created by the potter. She can not understand that the evolution of clay to become the flask was done under the hands of the potter creator that neither sees him. In fact, the vessel was made to appear by turning the clay in the potter’s hands. Evolution is part of the act of creation by which the work is exquisite. In turn, the creative act of the potter, in relation to higher divine authority, is really just a transformation of things that already exist, change their shape and position in space. Creation is absolute and evolution is relative on spatial-temporal sequences, as well as degradation of things. Similarly, the rules of theo-logistics are immutable and those of usual logistics are changeable, disputable, and even contradictory leading to litigations.

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