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November 26, 2014

I met a friend on the street, I haven’t seen for a long time. After the first words exchanged in such circumstances, he had a tendency to slip discussion to a political debate which I avoided by saying that in this area I’m just a neutral observer, to his great disappointment. If this is the case, he decided to take revenge that I did not let caught in a political dispute. He said, let me ask you a trick question in areas you have expertise: for example, describe the national economy today by an indicator of transport to be simple and understandable even by grandmother. I have to admit, it was really a challenge. Fortunately, as we speak in the street, in public transport station on the opposite side, stopped a bus that was almost entirely dressed in commercial advertising wallpaper, so you could not see anything of the vehicle surface. Advertising was the kind you could look from inside the vehicle outside, but not vice versa. The situation was incredible because you expect to be advertised that an aerospace complex will send a crew to Mars or something similar. In fact, the advertising was devoted to a simple biscuit. I waved my friend to look to the bus, saying: what about the typological spectrum of advertising? Is this an indicator of the economy? Or, … not?

PS: it’s just an indicator created joking on the street; maybe we should have mentioned the new industries that are already started up in the new economy, but we did only an exercise of being a kind of punks, talking on the street.


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