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22 years since first logistics association was born in Romania

October 31, 2014

ARLOGRomanian Logistics Association, founded on March 25, 1992, was the first organization for logistics in Romania. Arlog used as a specialized mean of communication the magazine Logistic Systems edited by Logis Ltd.

The first governing bodies, were:

Operational office: meaning the President of Arlog (Ioan Cuncev) and the six  Vice Presidents (coordinators sections):

  • Outbound Logistics (national)- Mihai Dumitrascu
  • Outbound Logistics (Timisoara)- Teodor Negrut
  • Inbound Logistics- George Cojocaru
  • Comunication, IT- Ion Stanciulescu
  • Education, research, integrated logistics- Mihai Korka
  • The press, secretarial, administration- Dumitru Andrei


  • Transport Research Institute (Ioan Cuncev)
  • Ceprom S.A. (Mihai Dumitrascu)
  • CETA Bucharest (Marius Cae)
  • Unio S.A. Satu Mare (Dionisie Struta)
  • ICM “Virgil Madgearu” (Mihai Korka)
  • Navrom S.A. Giurgiu (Stan Bone)
  • A.S.E. (Ion Naftanaila)
  • CNSCC (Ion Stanciulescu)
  • IPIU Bucharest (George Cojocaru)
  • Prompt S.A. (Vasile Lucuta)
  • Centrul de informatica al SNCFR (Vasile Olievschi)
  • INPTC Bucharest (Marin Molotiu)
  • Intermodal Ltd. (Dumitru Andrei)
  • Revista Cailor Ferate (Sabin Petrean)
  • Editura Logis Ltd (Doina Pienescu)
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