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Passenger in urban parallel universes

October 13, 2014

In public passenger transport service the producers and consumers are inseparable, that the transport service is produced and consumed on-line, simultaneously. When a passenger buys a ticket, he does not know exactly the quality of transport service that he will consume. This is random, has a quantum nature to him, a vague quantum nature in the sense of Frank Tipler has developed such a theory of parallel universes. By analogy with the universe ends in a singularity Tipler’s Omega Point, being able to resurrect the dead by emulating all alternative universes of our universe from its start at the Big Bang, according to final anthropic principle defined along with John Barrow (intelligent information-processing must come into existence in the Universe, and, once it comes into existence, will never die out), the diurnal cycle of activity of urban public transport ends like the end of the day, being possible to resume the next day by offering services from previous day. With ticket in his pocket, many parallel universes in the sense of Tipler are opened to the passenger, depending on the day he decides to use it. When choosing a vehicle, service quality is maintained in a quantum environment that uncertainty continues to weigh the possible realities, although their number decreased. Only when the passenger arrives to the final destination he will find quality of transport service achieved, that is the reality that he received.


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