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A week of informational isolation

August 19, 2014

Who says that the informational isolation is a good idea, maybe he does not know what it is, or this is actually his natural condition. Recently, I spent a short holiday in an exotic area, in a total informational isolation. The pleasures of the holiday not offset the disadvantages generated by informational isolation, considering the news I was off, I didn’t attend a meeting organized by the Polytechnic University, I didn’t honor the invitation from the main urban public transport operator to participate the seminar related to a European project, I did not read my emails, I did not read the incoming electronic publications at this time (which can be solved), I didn’t reply to a friend who asked me for advice on an article that he wants to publish in electronic format (which can be interpreted in different ways, but can be solved, although late), I have not visited social networks, I wrote no more on my blog, I have interrupted to upload some of my papers on networks like Research Gate or similar (still to be determined), I didn’t write 1-2 summaries of proposed works for academic days ASTR 2014 (for which, the maturity is already critical) etc. For civilized man there is a kind of law of conservation of energy considering that total energy summarizes physical energy and intellectual energy with a strong informational content. As the work is more sophisticated and involve more thinking, increases informational energy share, making its separation from the sources leading to a devastating impact if it happens on long term. Perhaps in this regard should be reviewed the punitive system: for a robber, proper punishment is physical isolation; for a researcher, informational isolation. So one must be sent in hard prison, and the other in Bora Bora; guess who and where!

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