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Sundowning syndrome in public decisions

June 25, 2014

In psychology the patients with “sundowning” syndrome have behavior problems that occur when light intensity is reduced or there are shadows, in the evening, while the sun is setting or during the night. This is observed especially in patients with a form of dementia and are often associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The main symptoms consist of confusion and anxiety, nervousness, irritability, aggression, physical and mental fatigue, laziness, forgetfulness, anxiety, delirious. By analogy, the same syndrome can be found in the public space where some decision makers used to play only in the light of flattering attention of those around them. It develops regulations and decisions only when a catastrophe happens, security measures are taken only after the infrastructure theft scandal becomes public, the management boards are dismissed only after the financial losses of state ownership companies have come to the media etc.. All decisions are made because there is a light focus in the public interest, but which will gradually lose the effect in the evening, in time, ie when these issues are no longer in the public eye. The decision-makers have sundowning syndrome, manifested by symptoms listed above. Since the problem is no more in media attention, decision-maker forget to apply its decision because is already night. After a while the unresolved issues will repeat because the decisions are not stable. What can do with such decision-makers? Well, go ahead with the analogy that we started here and find some solutions.

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