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Congestion, a violation of human dignity

June 20, 2014

Congestion of any kind, whether it is congestion in the transportation of passengers and freight, waiting in line in front of a public servant behind a counter, crowds and waiting in queues for shopping in stores are cases of violation of human dignity, of insult to the citizens, to the extent not made all the necessary and possible efforts mitigation. For example, if from a total of five counters only two of them are open and having in front of them long queues of  customers, and the other three counters are closed because service personnel drink coffee and chatting, we have a case of violation of human dignity. However, if all counters are open and yet are queues while personnel from all five counters are serving, it is not a violation of the dignity of citizens waiting in the queues because every effort were made within available resources to provide a quality service. Congestion threatens the citizen’s right to dispose of its minimal space for privacy. Traffic congestion, if we refer only to citizens, increasing the risk of accidents by drivers and configuration nervousness congested traffic. Time wasted in congested areas has a certain value which is sometimes explicit expressed in financial losses. In any case one can do something to increase endurance to the congestion effects of customers waiting in line, treating them like any customer who buys merchandise. Not to mention the people who stand in line to pay their taxes; in fact, they are waiting in line to give money and not to take. When a potential customer visits a company is invited to a conference hall and treated to coffee and the like. By comparison, people in front of a public officials or passengers in public transport are also clients. More so they must be treated at least by efforts to reduce congestion and increase their endurance to face effects. Simple gestures of kindness can have psychologically comforting effect to customers waiting in line. For example, it can provide them for free a glass of water, a stool for the persons who are suffering, tea, coffee, juices, slight correction of makeup for ladies, restoring of luster shoes, newspapers, etc.

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