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Trains in Cambrils

February 4, 2014

August 7, 2013

Located on the Mediterranean coast between Barcelona and Valencia, Cambrils is a tourist town dotted with villas and hotels with no more than three floors, clean, quiet, offering impeccable services. The town is of linear type alongside the beach front and is largely crossed by a railway line located in a corridor marked by a wire mesh fence that winds just a few meters from windows, balconies and swimming pools of the resort. However, most of the tourists do not complain of systematic trains that run in front of them. Moreover, the trains are the delight of many tourists, especially children, who rush to the windows and balconies or jump out of pools to glimpse them before they get lost among the buildings and palm trees. For a psycho- sociologist could be an interesting topic of study why tourists accept trains among them. However, it is true that the infrastructure is somewhat quiet, and most of the rolling stock is quite modern,

13072013340-tren in cambrils

including the composition of freight trains. In addition, freight trains moving more at night. Reducing the risk of injury by excluding access of people to the trains, especially children, gives tourists a sense of security and comfort while they are watching the trains passing at speed, providing visual aesthetics, specific noise and dynamics. It can be seen in the eyes of some people a hunting syndrome, lurking with a camera to capture the appearance of the next train between villas. Other tourists built already a statistics of train movements. Some would let any activity and watched with delight at passing trains, while others sang to the rhythm of this noise as trains were longer or shorter, colored or monochromatic, aerodynamic or massive, creating staccato noises or hissing arrow. The overall impression is of feline pleasing to look at, but dangerous to the touch, which adds a certain thrill in the charm of the resort.


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