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Retrieval the lost system

January 29, 2014

There are cases when some systems, especially small and medium enterprises, are considered less important. Why should be treated the deviation from the normal operation of a certain system, an indicator against the reference value, the deviant behavior of the logistic system? These systems are at the discretion of political cronies, incompetent and corrupt administrators and therefore their condition is deteriorating and removes from normality. As a result, such a system is getting lost in the economic space. Organizations like this are many and should not be neglected even at the level of individual system. To be persuasive, we call for our concept of theo- system. In this frame, very clarifying patterns are the three parables (Luca15): of the lost sheep, of the lost drachma, and of the prodigal son. Even if, for example, a lost sheep is insignificant comparing to the rest up to 100 flock of sheep, it must be found and retrieved. Rejoicing for retrieval or recovery deviations of reference is very high, according to divine logic. Maybe from a total of a hundred systems, one of them, such as a sheep is not a big deal, but if this is restored to normality it means a lot comparing to the other 99 systems which did not need help. The same base can be used for logistic system stabilization, restoring optimal parameter  to references values, solving contract violations, removal incompetent managers and restore the profit of the company, correction the behavior of economic agents in the market etc.


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