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Does somebody know you?

April 1, 2013

Man is most nearly himself in the space of his own thoughts. The more his messages reach farther trying to communicate to others, the more it reduces their meaning. Actually, outside, only projections of the original message are coming out. That is why, as a writer, painter, sculptor, engineer, philosopher or a mathematician, for the people it is hard to find out what he really is. The delivery speed of the message decreases from the preliminary stage of leaving its own space of thoughts and decreases tremendously during the transmission into the external environment by speaking, writing, drawing, carving, etc. Because of the yields of the communication channels, some of the initial information generated in his mind is lost. Our talent in certain areas means not only the brain’s ability to generate knowledge, but also performance of communication channels provided for the information generated by our mind. We are not able to fully show the world who we really are. (A world entire my secret knew / You only have not known, M. Eminescu).

The reverse process is to know a certain person, and this is also very difficult. It begins with the first contact and continues up to the original message generated in his mind. The more knowledge and perception channels you use for knowing him, the better you know the respective individual and get close to the unseen form of his personality located in his mind. That is why, it could happen to like someone at first sight, and after talking with him for a while, you look at him, you feel him, test and analyze him in different fields, you could see that he is different. In fact, to know an individual, to identify his unseen face, is indeed a great talent. For this reason, long time after, it is possible you will receive the reply (and from women can always happen): ‘sorry, but you are not the one that I thought I know!’

P.S. Reading what I wrote above, I’m already finding that the meaning of the text is not even 1/1000 of what I thought. So, the communication yield is desolating low.


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