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Meetings beyond

December 21, 2012

People live on Earth in different historical periods. Then they go somewhere in a place where they meet all, or many of them, of other times? If so, what makes them comparable, related one to the other? Anyway, not what they have gained, learned or been on Earth. For example Archimedes, when he meets Einstein, is a small child in relation to it; the time distance between them is over two millennia. And yet, they are comparable. It follows that:

  • Everything we learned or we got on Earth has value only here on Earth, that we may live. Beyond, there is nothing.
  • On Earth human beings from the future can know the others who survived from the past through their achievements. This relationship is not commutative. Einstein met Archimedes, but not vice versa.
  • Beyond, the value is totally different. It is something that must be able both Archimedes and Einstein, and that people become relative and related to each other.
  • Beyond, the earth time disappear, do not exist. Thus, it becomes possible to relate with all those who have lived on Earth in different historical stages, maybe with some of the other planets or worlds in the Universe.
  • In addition to time, there must be common notions, concepts, habits, goals, activities and values ​​that are valid for Archimedes, and for Einstein, to a beggar and to a scholar, for European and for Australian, for a child and an old man, etc.
  • When there is no time beyond, then there is eternity. But events are there?

And questions may continue until comes the rescue idea of looking in the Book. If!


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