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Recalling Middle Ages

September 14, 2012

I wonder, is that true? Actually, lands, properties and residential areas fenced and guarded, sometimes with high walls, with prohibited access areas are not similar with feudal castles? Their own security system and guards are not similar to groups of knights who guarded the seniors? And the seniors are not comparable with the politicians and rich people of today? Even if you know the truth about them, it matters only that they are potent and you are ordinary citizens as serfs were in the Middle Ages (Please accept this status for the moment, just so, for the sake of analogy). Official convoys of vehicles are similar to the medieval cavalcades of knights through medieval villages ruffling and blowing out the chickens and ducks to the dust of the roads?

As then, there are now clans that have their own customs and laws, they drive the cars as crazies on the roads or organize races on city streets (please, don’t tell me that if the police is free to make its duty, cannot repress them!), blackmail and collect protection fees, are fighting among themselves destroying public property etc. To make order, authority in the Middle Ages was more effective than today, punished them from ordinary thieves to high level feudal seniors.

Similar, the territorial management can be done on both methods, considering strategic nationwide perspective of counties network, or on isolationist way, when a county could enter under the influence of an interest group or of a ‘baron’, the medieval analogy being clear.

Similarities are also in epidemics, such as the medieval plague and cholera, having contemporary resonance as aids, bird flu, and swine flu.

But the worst is that human values are again mocked as then, good and evil are again reversed, intellectual work is paria or ridiculed, binds and unbound witches spells, the best people are led by the worst of them. Remains to be reintroduced burning at the stake, and likeness may be perfect, right?


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