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The Economy in Parasympathetic Rebound

September 2, 2012

Parasympathetic rebound is a possible reaction of the parasympathetic nervous system when somebody is so scared that his metabolism try to calm him down but sometimes is too effective and can cause death.

Something similar happens in the economy of some countries fighting with the economic crisis. Politicians are scared and make desperate efforts to calm down, do not move anything in the economy and are waiting for better conditions. Authorities and managers reduce expenses, investments, loans, infrastructure projects are reduced or stopped, wages are frozen or reduced, unemployment is growing, economic activity virtually ceases, i.e. economy ‘dies of fear’. Moreover, politicians have not the courage to analyze real data and relevant indicators (not go to the doctor because I’ll find out I’m sick).

The politicians and the managers must understand that the crisis is a big opportunity for business development like any other unstable situation. The solution is not to calm down, but to ride the crisis. For such a strategy, instead of ordinary politicians and politically engaged managers, we need so-called man of state, and professional managers able to perform management of rodeo type.


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