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Alienating the organizations

August 13, 2012

Alienation is a psychological, sociological and philosophical concept designating a certain relationship between individual and world, between part and the whole. An organization can be isolated, meaning alienated. The organizational or institutional structure which becomes very performing, it cannot transmit its potential to the business environment. As a result, its social, economic, and political relations are mitigating. For this reasons are so important the communication interfaces, the relationships and networking with other entities and business environment. Some logistic or transport systems are becoming more and more performing, but with reduced intermodality (to the other modes) or not used properly by the business companies (weak communication to the socio-economic environment, to the market, etc.). It happens like with a human genius who is not understood by the society. An intelligent individual feels alone because it reaches a high level of knowledge that he cannot communicate them with those around him in due time. Isolation occurs because the communication interface is inappropriate, but also because its own activity tends to perfection that socio-economic and logistical environment didn’t ask for or is not ready to use it. As an opposite example, see how some national authorities are unable to spend EU funding provided for infrastructure projects in transport. Politicians remain captives to political parties and group interests and are not able to continue the previous projects. There is a permanent reset of policies, strategies, measures, programs, and projects.

There is a certain alienation that can cause a social and organizational fracture that we call intergenerational alienation: different generations live and work on separate layers, there is no communication between generations, wasting an enormous amount of knowledge. Ideally, must be no separation between the generations of individuals in a community. Advertisings like ’hiring only young people …’ stimulate segregation of generations, the life on the certain layers specific to each generation. It is true that people are born one after another, but they die at random.

There is a risk of generalized alienation of society, communities and of organizations reflected by their stratification and segregation on different levels. It’s time to end this platonian type separation of worlds and be replaced by networking them. In fact, this is the way as growth occurs!


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