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The political thinking model

August 2, 2012

Watching the behavior of politicians, I wondered how would be their model of thinking. I reviewed the main models of thinking known, from the simplest, such as static model, continuing with more complex models and closer to reality, but I found that they cannot be attached to the politician. Neither dynamic thinking model which considers time factor, nor entropic model suitable for irreversible processes or nonlinear and random thinking models, nor the intelligent and strategic thinking models, do not explain satisfactorily the behavior of the politician. Also trying to fit into a pattern of thinking the variable and unpredictable nature of the politician, that he is elusive and ‘slippery’, the fact that he often changes his views and political orientation, his behavior in crisis, his slow style in decision making, and many other features, I imagined new models, like a fuzzy model, a chaotic type model, a quantum model of thinking, an oscillating mode of thinking, and even a relativist type model. Finally, I concluded that all these together are only coordinates of the n-dimensional manifold we might call it a model of political thinking. This model could explain how the politician is nuanced in his behavior, that is able to find different intermediate and temporary equilibrium points, sometimes jumps from one to another, how he can reproduce many behavior patterns by self-similarity (fractal type) or by mimicry, changes his orientation after consumption of resources specific to current position, is fluctuating, perceive incorrectly the fast events or induce voters in error, etc.

Conclusion: it’s hard to be politician; you have to be made for it.


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  1. E bine sa invete si cei de limba engleza ce inseamna sa fi politician

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