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July 18, 2012

If we’ll not discuss about the soul of human being, the existence of any other entity in the Universe is finite in time. During its life, the entity is an information object (a being, a physical object, an organizational structure, etc.) that grows vigorously, reach maturity, then going into decline. This is actually a process of informational dynamics, an aggregation / disaggregating process. The building of entity is done by transforming the entropy into information, which then will be lost in the decline phase by a reverse process, ending finally into dust from which was born (maximum entropy). The process is time axis, transforming something into nothing, and somebody into nobody.

If dust has a certain memory, means that the appearance of a new entity in which dust is integrated, hereditary preserve some of the previous features. If we know to what or to whom contribute with our dust, what the preferences we may have? How can we influence it? If it will be politicians, according to our knowledge and believes about what they should be, could result the real ‘men of state’?

An organizational structure has a similar dynamics. If not consumes resources to restructure it from time to time, generally ends in dust. And if restructuring is not managed optimally, risks a return to old patterns, the ‘status quo ante’, as one Eminescu said, which prolongs the agony of the system. As an example, an organizational structure may increase according to a Sierpinski fractal, becomes a complex organization, and will finally disaggregate until its disappearance. In case of materials flow management, the entire process is described by direct logistics (manufacturing the product, its movement and use it), followed by reverse logistics (product disposal, moving it, dismantling and recycling left). Taken together, the two logistic chains form what might be called dust-to-dust logistics joining the  dust-to-dust life cycle of the product.

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