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The Swamp

March 25, 2012

Recently I have asked a `young` pensioner if he notices essential differences compared to the rhythmical active life he had just ended.

“Nothing special, except the time. This one has no more direction and sense. Weekdays did not differ between them, except on Sunday, which is still religious. Saturday is no longer a weekend day, while Friday is no longer TGIF (Thank God, it’s Friday, as one of my colleagues used to say). All days are the same, do not follow a certain order and therefore can call them in any permutation. I simply can say that today is Wednesday and tomorrow is Monday. All the days are only `something` between Sundays. The dominant feeling is that the time is swampy; it doesn’t flow in a certain direction and in a single sense. It seems as if I have traveled on a temporal river which finally arrived into the ocean where everything stays still and, for the moment, is floating. The events are random and not happening on a time axis but in this bi-dimensional temporal swamp (or ocean, when I’m optimistic). Day and night are not relevant; sleep when I am sleeping, reading, listening to music, see movies, write, walk, etc., everything when it is to happen. 

What worries me though, is that in this pool, the time has two dimensions, x and y, whose meanings do not know. Moreover, it is possible that the swamp could not be forever, variations on the z vertical appearing sometime, that would transform the smooth and still water into a somehow and stormy surface. And vertical movements could be up, but down. So, I enjoy the swamp as much as I can”.

Listening to him led me to the saying `Rejoice, the worst hasn’t yet happened!’

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