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March 4, 2012

In the Romanian culture, counsellor means “adviser, consultant, specialist who solves the special problems in a certain domain”   (DEX). Otherwise, when you say counsellor, you are referring to a person with the notoriety of a specialist in the respective field, also having a huge experience which gives him a dose of wisdom, equilibrium and authority in his guild. So, that one could advise a chief, such as a minister, could endorse a strategy (at which he can bring his contribution as well), etc. The counsellor has to be a kind of mentor of the decision-maker offering him the moral and competence landmark that increases the self confidence and security of the decisional process.

What does happen in reality?

In the ministries and other public institutions where it should exist, fore and foremost, people having the wisdom appropriate to their advancing age, visionaries and good strategists, there are a lot of very young people, among whom some of them gives the impression to you that things are much above their comprehension. Recently, it made a great fuss in mass-media about a minister counsellor, an agreeable bobbysoxer, so young that she could not have the necessary time even for acquiring the basic knowledge in the respective field of activity, the less for gaining the competence and strategic wisdom, even if she would have been a genius. Moreover, she was a member of several administration boards in some complex companies, where, it would be interesting to know what kind of labour she would be able to perform?!

Taking as landmarks only the high quality people, they being young as well as aged ones, we have to take into considerations sayings such as one of Gustave Flaubert`s:  ‘what an old man can see when he sits, a young cannot see when he stands ’. Be the young even genial, he has to work hard in the domain specific to his basic graduation, continuing to acquire knowledge on the background of accumulating the necessary experience to validate and consolidate the gained knowledge with a view to becoming a recognized specialist. He learns how to work with people, how to administrate the resources, to position his activity in the general context, namely he comes to maturity and becomes wiser with the passing of time.

It happens that some public leaders have around them a huge number of counsellors, rivalling with the structure itself of the respective institution. Does that mean that the employees of the institution are such incompetent that they have to be substituted by counsellors? Or vice versa, the chief is incompetent?! In both situations there are better remedies.

Such problems alter and corrupt the decision-making process, fragment the organizing and functional system of the respective institutions. Maybe the present situation of the counsellor institution would be revised by consulting some centres of sociological researches and/or of management as well.

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