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The thieves as environmental-friendly people

August 1, 2011

There is a general opinion that thieves and robbers make our life harder depriving us of the goods and services specific to civilization. Completely wrong! They are in fact the defenders of the environment. For instance, thieves have been stealing gasoline, car batteries or other key spare parts from the personal cars, put the car-owners in the position of driving less, thus reducing the environmental pollution. The entire community benefits from this, which shows the beneficial social impact of the thieves’ activity and implicitly their generosity and altruism. As a result, the thieves’ contribution to the mitigation of pollution is a great success: many car-owners have become frequent passengers of the public transportation. In addition, the more sophisticated thieves apply non-conventional tax policies, extorting illegal charges from the car drivers parking in crowded public areas (on the streets, in front of stores etc.), thus contributing to the reduction of the urban congestion.

Consequently, I have understood the positive environmental effects generated by those who steal on a larger scale, the predators who plunder the plants, infrastructure, products and services specific to civilization. The environment becomes cleaner by eliminating these polluters, by stopping the trains after the lines and electric cables have been destroyed and stolen etc.

The thieves and robbers are definitely environmental defenders. They destroy the pollution sources and reduce our activity and mobility, which helps us have a cleaner air and tranquility. We, the other citizens, should be grateful to them, tolerating them and providing guides, procedures and technologies for theft and destruction that should help them avoid the accident risks when carrying out these activities.

On the other hand, society, by its institutions must turn to the real polluters: those who work all day long, the producers of goods and services enhancing civilization and the socio-economic progress, improving the life quality, thus polluting the environment, even though they are also those who develop environmental-friendly technologies. All these honest people, from those sweating in agricultural works to scientists creating sophisticated objects (robots, nano-technologies, artificial intelligence etc.) polluting the environment not only on this planet but also prepared to extend the pollution on other planets, as well, must be treated with hostility for the benefit of thieves and robbers. One shall not forget about the implementation of repressive measures against those whose guilt is maximal because it is their credit that we have the products and services specific to the present civilization at our disposal (and whom the thieves and robbers are trying hard to dispose of): the pensioners, namely those who have worked their entire life to produce them. Sic!


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