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The power and the authority as derived concepts

July 11, 2011

The one who was created cannot be above his Creator (…the thing created shall say about the one who created it: ‘He has no skill’?, Isaia 29:16). This divine pattern is reflected on the level of human beings world and their man-made systems, and could be generated as a fractal pattern for any couple of consecutive decision-making levels of an aggregated hierarchy. For this reason there is a need for the aggregated conception of the institutional, organizational and managerial systems, a need for structural correlation of institutions and policies.

Man can discover the existing truths at a superior level of aggregation where future is shaped differently. At a lower level, for instance in the logistic space, it can be substantiated the concept of restructuring the way of making business (BPR- Business Process Reengineering), as well as other concepts (organizational and managerial restructuring etc.) that must be achieved in the new context, rediscovered at the superior level of aggregation, according to the principles of self-similarity and subsidiarity. It is very important that people should not make mistakes when they discover the truth already created at a superior level, changing the meaning of truth by corrupting it. A system cannot be led by itself. Only someone from the (n+1)-dimensional space can coordinate someone else from the n-dimensional space. Gödel proved that a system of axioms can never be based on itself: statements from outside the system must be used in order to prove its consistency. This makes good sense, since a consistent system S subject to Gödel’s theorem can’t prove its own consistency. Thus, to prove the consistency of S it is necessary to step outside the system S in the sense of brings to bear some principle not contained in S itself. It should be noted, however, that this does not mean that the consistency of S can only be proved in a system stronger than S.

The fact that “no one holds the truth, all people are linked by an equal incapacity to formulate statements with guaranteed truth” [Paun A.M. (2005) Modernitatea politică şi modernitatea epistemologiei, I.D., nr.9], makes that any authority that thinks it possessed the truth, it risks becoming sooner or later dictatorial. On the other hand, without power, the authority becomes obstructed, and without authority, the power becomes illegitimate.

Only God has exousia, which means both authority and power at an absolute level. Anyone else has the derived authority and power (Thou hadst no authority whatever against me if it were not given to thee from above, John 19:11).


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